Eagle Theatre is welcoming a new member to the nest – teacher, director, actor, and theatre fanatic Christina Rae. Christina is incredibly excited to be taking on the role of drama teacher and artistic director at Vista del Lago. She has been involved in the theatre from the age of nine and is looking forward to leading the flock at Vista as the new drama teacher. Christina’s love of the craft spans beyond direction, and Christina has been seen on the stage in the Sacramento and Solano regions for the last five years. An Elly Award nominated Choreographer, Christina is excited to share her passion and expertise with the students of Vista del Lago High School and encourages all who think they may have an interest in the theatre to audition for her productions. “Theatre is one of the best ways to discover yourself – sometimes all it takes is portraying another to truly understand who you are as a person. It’s a self-discovery you will never experience if you don’t take the risk!”