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Night of the Living Dead Tickets

Vista Del Lago High School Eagle Productions is proud to present a stage adaptation of the film that spawned the zombie genre…George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

Be sure to scare up some tickets!

Night of the Living Dead Auditions

Night of the Living Dead will be the fall production for 2022. Auditions will be held soon. All the details can be found on Mr. Hadley’s Vista page.

Auditions – An Overview

The best way to have an awesome audition is to come prepared!!! Here are five easy steps you can take to prepare for your audition.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the show – Watch the movie or read the play or book. Alternatively, you may want to download some of the tracks, watch youtube videos, or read portions of the script.


  1. Decide what your desired roles are – this allows you to cater your audition to a specific role or type of role. If you’re auditioning for one of the teen characters, you would want to avoid really mature songs (“Memory” from CATS, for example, would be a poor choice because it’s meant to be performed by an aged and weary woman). It’s also a good idea to come to the audition with knowledge of what role(s) you aren’t willing to take – if you know that you don’t want to play a specific role or type of role, you need to let the casting directors (Rae and Spencer) know that.
  1. Choose an audition piece – you want to select a song that is appropriate for the role or type of role you are auditioning for and that really showcases your vocal talents. Remember, you only need to prepare 16-32 measures of music, so it’s not always the wisest decision to start at the beginning of the song! Perhaps later in the song there’s a great part that really showcases your talent – it would be wiser to choose that section. Also, keep in mind that we may cut you off – don’t reserve the best stuff for your last measure of music.
  1. Prepare your sheet music – you need to bring your sheet music with you to the audition! It should be printed and prepared for the pianist – you may want to put it in a binder or tape it to a folder so it’s sturdy. On your sheet music, be sure to mark any cuts in the music so that the pianist can read them and follow them. If you’re having trouble finding sheet music, Mr. Hadley or Ms. Rae may be able to help you, or you can visit sites like to find free sheet music. Please be sure your song is from a Broadway/off-Broadway show (but not the show you are auditioning for).
  1. Rehearse! – The more you rehearse your audition, the more prepared you will be, the better your audition will be. Be sure to rehearse your audition piece. While you want to avoid choreographed auditions, natural gestures and movement are always great, and if they are planned you will avoid the trap of awkwardly shuffling your feet and staring at the floor while singing

Once audition day arrives, here is a breakdown of what you will do:

  1. Sign-in – Arrive to the blackbox on time (in the theatre, early is on time, so arrive early if you can). You will fill out an audition form (you may have it filled out before hand) and will receive a number. You may want to bring a resume or head shot if you have it so it can be attached to your audition form
  2. Singing Audition – One at a time, and in numerical order, you will come into the blackbox theatre, give your sheet music to the pianist, come center stage, introduce yourself and the piece you will be singing, and sing your song for Ms. Rae and Ms. Spencer.
  3. Dance Audition – You will be learning a short dance combination. You will be performing this combination in small groups in the theatre.
  4. Optional Tap Audition – If you would like to be considered for a tapping role, you will have a very brief audition with Ms. Rae
  5. Callbacks – All auditioners will be notified by a set date. All callbacks will be notified of where and when. Remember – a callback does not guarantee you a role in the show. Similarly, if you don’t receive a callback, it does not mean you are not cast in the show. Callbacks are simply a way for the directors to see more of you. During callbacks, auditioners will sing from and read from the show.

Spelling Bee tickets now on sale!

Eventbrite - The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Closing Weekend!!

Don’t miss your opportunity to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) this weekend! Three shows down and only three to go. Be sure to catch this hilarious and fast-paced take on The Bard’s great works. Performances recommence this Thursday. Showtimes are Thursday at 7 PM and Saturday at 2  PM and 6 PM. There will be no show on Friday due to Halloween.

The Real Rae

Eagle Theatre is welcoming a new member to the nest – teacher, director, actor, and theatre fanatic Christina Rae. Christina is incredibly excited to be taking on the role of drama teacher and artistic director at Vista del Lago. She has been involved in the theatre from the age of nine and is looking forward to leading the flock at Vista as the new drama teacher. Christina’s love of the craft spans beyond direction, and Christina has been seen on the stage in the Sacramento and Solano regions for the last five years. An Elly Award nominated Choreographer, Christina is excited to share her passion and expertise with the students of Vista del Lago High School and encourages all who think they may have an interest in the theatre to audition for her productions. “Theatre is one of the best ways to discover yourself – sometimes all it takes is portraying another to truly understand who you are as a person. It’s a self-discovery you will never experience if you don’t take the risk!”

Fall Production Audition Notice

Who: Vista students

What: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

When: Monday, September 14, 2014, 3:30 PM

Where: Black Box Theatre

Please come prepared to perform a one minute comedic monologue and expect to perform cold readings from the script.

To sign up, please see Ms. Rae in G-104.

Welcome to The Spotlight!

All Drama-related happenings on the Vista campus and the latest news “directed” at students will be found here, in The Spotlight! Parents, please check out the rest of our website to find out how you might get involved in supporting Vista Drama Boosters or for details on the latest Eagle Production. To receive notifications automatically as they are posted, please click on “Follow Vista Drama Boosters” in sidebar to the right.

Director’s Email:

Director’s Phone: 916-294-2410 (ext. 410318)

Our Town is alive!

Thorton Wilder’s classic, Our Town, is now in rehearsal at Vista del Lago High School. Following the success of Shrek the Musical, many cast members are already busy learning their roles for this wonderful theatre piece. Although 70 years old, Our Town still feels like a new, modern piece. This production stars from Shrek: Anne Ellis (Pinocchio); Jesse Cassani (Lord Farquaad); Jordan Ashby (Shrek); and, Sarah Morris (Fiona). The cast consists of all twenty-three Advanced Drama students.

Students are also involved in designing the sets, lighting, and program.

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