How To Write A Theatre Biography
(Excerpted from WikiHow)
  1. The biography has to be written in third person. Make it sound like somebody else is writing about you.
  2. Start with your name.
  3. Indicate your theater experiences. State what shows you have been in and what your role(s) were. Write about the more popular or most recent ones. If you perform in any other way, such as dance or play a musical instrument, you may want to mention this also.
  4. Write your thank yous. Normally, you would thank your family, any mentors you have, the director for all the time he/she has invested, or anyone else you wish to dedicate the show to.
  5. Your description should be approximately 30 to 40 words in length. Keep it short and interesting.

Example 1

(Student) is excited to be performing in his first high school role as (Character). (Student) has formerly appeared on stage in (Show) at (Venue). In addition to Drama, (Student) is actively involved with (Club/Sport/Organization). (Student) wishes to thank (Director) for their tireless contribution to the drama program.

Example 2

(Student) is involved in her fourth Eagle Production as (Crew). (Student), a senior, is looking forward to attending (College Name) next fall, where she plans to advance her studies in the Performing Arts. (Student) wishes to thank her parents for their unwavering support.


Cast & Crew: Please print this form and turn in by the deadline

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