Character Descriptions

Bloody Murder

A mysterious gathering at the country estate of Lady Somerset begins in murder and ends in…farce? What starts off as an Agatha Christie type murder mystery will end with laughter as these all too familiar characters rebel at their lot in life.

Lady Somerset: The irascible elderly grand dame whose parties always end in murder. Now she’s sick of it, and of the writer who dreamed her up. Sharp tongue, sharp wits, with no patience for fools.

Jane: The ever-obedient maid who is finally allowed to throw off the chains of servitude to let her employer and her guests know how she really feels.

Emma Reese: An innocent seeming ingénue who ends up being more predator than prey. Fiery, passionate, and intense.

The Countess: A striking and mysterious beauty. Her exotic accent only adds to her mystery.

Major Quimby: Retired British officer, always reminiscing about glorious campaigns in foreign lands. Pompous and bumbling, but also sincere and loveable, with a childlike innocence and energy that instantly endears him to others.

Devon Tremaine: An attractive, formerly great stage actor whose career is declining in direct proportion to his intake of scotch.

Charles Pomeroy: The decadent, scandalous, conniving nephew of Lady Somerset. He finds himself enormously witty and charming.

Chief Inspector Phelps: A dim-witted police officer who comes to check in on the party.

Motorist: An unlucky lady whose car broke down just outside. No, really.

Nun: A nun who conveniently happens upon the party to seek donations.

Mr. Woo: A mysterious Chinese man full of wisdom.

El Gato: An international jewel thief with a Spanish name and a French accent who finds himself (briefly) written into the wrong story.